2nd BlogForever review meeting

November 9, 2012 in Blog

The 2nd BlogForever review meeting was held in Berlin on the 6th of November 2012, hosted excellently by mokono (Populis).

The coordinator (AUTH) presented the status and the overall achievements of the project, that are summarized in the project statement. The review continued with partners from UW and TUB presenting the results of the study that the project conducted for Weblog Structure and Semantics (WP2). UG continued by analysing the development of the Preservation Strategy for blogs (WP3) and the advances that this task brings to the state of the art. Initial thoughts for the Interoperability Prospects and for the Digital Rights Management Policy development were also presented by AUTH and mokono (Populis) respectively. The review meeting continued with a combined presentation of the BlogForever software infrastructure (WP4) and the BlogForever case studies (WP5). CERN presented the status of the development while UL presented the plan for the implementation and validation of the case studies. CERN made a demonstration of the BlogForever repository while Cyberwatcher presented the interface and functionality of the BlogForever spider. Finally, Tero presented the dissemination activities during the last six months of the project and continued with the presentation of the plan for the exploitation of the project results; results of the market analysis study were presented together with the initial plan for the development of the BlogForever business model.

The meeting ended up with the feedback the two reviewers and the project officer gave to the consortium. The reviewers congratulated the BlogForever team stressing their opinion on the exemplary project management and the conceptual work that furthers the state of the art, and at the same time showing their satisfaction on the technical part and project.