CyberWatcher is a privately owned SME offering search engine and intelligence software throughout Europe on a SaaS platform. Cyberwatcher’s core competencies include the development of business-ready software systems for automated monitoring of market updates, news, social media and deep web. In short Cyberwatcher’s product portfolio includes:

  • Market Intelligence software and services
  • A global crawler – fetching 250,000 daily updates from 42,000 sources in 180 countries – offered as spider&crawler for hire.
  • A news search engine – for integrated search and the awarded Corporate NewsDirectory

Cyberwatcher’s software solutions are used by numerous customers throughout Europe operating in various industries (credit agencies, intelligence and research experts, and energy industry). Cyberwatcher claimed a US-patent within crawling in 2005, and has been many times awarded for its technology – latest this year with “Eurpoean Seal of e-Excellence 2010” Gold. Cyberwatcher is located right outside Oslo, Norway.