ALTEC Software Development S.A.

Since 1st of August 2009 the Software Business Unit of ALTEC S.A. part of which is the Research Programmes Division which participates in the project, is operating as Altec Software S.A, a separate and independent company 100% owned by ALTEC Information and Communication Systems S.A .

ALTEC SA, is one of the biggest ERP and HRM vendors in Greece, with activities on software, system integration (since 1st of August 2009 forming a second separate and independent subsidiary of ALTEC, namely ALTEC Integration S.A.), services and products and telecommunications, in several branches all over Greece, while also operating subsidiary companies in Romania and Bulgaria. ALTEC develops and provides technologically advanced systems and software applications to cover the entire spectrum of computerised and organisational demands in both the public and the private sector. Altec Software S.A currently has an installed base of 40.000 companies from all business sectors in Greece.

Since its foundation in 1996, the Research Programmes Division of ALTEC Software has succeeded in opening up a set of novel research fields many of which were successfully adopted by the corporate commercial departments. It has participated in a number of European and national research projects using their results for improvement of current products as also development of new innovative software products and services that cover needs of the European mark.


Dr. Adamantios Koumpis heads the Research Programmes Division of ALTEC S.A., which he founded at 1996 (then as independent division of Unisoft S.A.). His previous job position was at the Institute of Computer Science, FORTH, at Heraklio, Crete, where he worked at the Rehabilitation Tele-Informatics and Human-Computer Interaction Group in several EC RTD projects (RACE, ACTS and TAP). He is author of research papers, technical reports and Project deliverables and has successfully lead many industrial and European research projects in the areas of E-Commerce, public sector and business enterprise re-organisation and information logistics, concerning linking of data/information repositories with knowledge management and business engineering models. Adamantios holds a PhD degree from the University of Kingston, UK and a Bachelor degree from the University of Crete, Greece. Together with Androklis Mavridis they have created the PACE toolkit and are responsible for this research activity in the company.

Dr. Dimitrios Tektonidis holds a PhD Degree in Computer Science for research in the area of Enterprise Application Integration. He is author of research papers, technical reports and Project deliverables in the domains of Enterprise Application Integration, Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management. His main research fields are IS interoperability, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Web Services and Semantic Web.