TU Berlin

IKM Research lab is located at Technical University Berlin (Faculty of Computer Science, Department of Systems Analysis) in Germany and since 2010 is cooperating with University of Amsterdam. We are researching, developing, and teaching in the fields of knowledge networks of electronic communication, knowledge management projects, expertise identification, text mining, and software engineering. We apply this knowledge in corporate cooperation projects, e.g. with small and large German companies in the banking, automotive, and in the telecommunication sector. We frequently publish at international rated conferences or journals and have experiences with national and EU projects, e.g. VIPROF funded by German BMBF or EU project Cyberemotions.eu (Grant# 231323). We apply our experience in networking studies to create insights about current sociological and technical events in the social web2.0 internet (NACE2.0 code 72 – Research & Development; NACE2.0 code 85.4 Higher Education / University).


Dr. Matthias Trier is assistant professor and the founder of IKM Research Lab. He holds a Master Degree (Diploma) in Economics and a PhD (Doctor of Engineering; Dr.-Ing) in Computer Science. His dissertation thesis was on the IT-supported analysis and visualization of knowledge communities in networks of virtual electronic communication. He has more than 7 years of research experience in the academic sector and in corporate projects in the field of business process analysis, e-business, and knowledge management. He is co-organizer of the accredited Virtual Global University that offers students from more than 16 countries a Master of Business Informatics via the Internet. Dr. Trier was visiting lecturer at NJIT, New Jersey and visiting scholar at Columbia University, New York. Dr. Trier frequently publishes his work in conferences and ranked journals, is author and editor of a known German text book on Systems Analysis and the English book “Virtual Knowledge Communities – IT-supported Analysis and Visualization”. He managed the development of several software applications.

Hendrik Kalb is a PhD researcher in the IKM Research lab, specifically appointed to the BlogForever project. His primary research interests are individual and collaborative behaviour in Web 2.0 and Social Software, especially in the field of knowledge management and e-learning. His PhD thesis focus on the intention of scientists to share open science resources and open educational in social software, especially in social networking services. He has been involved in research as a scientific assistant since 2004.

Evi Lazaridou is a researcher in the IKM Research lab, specifically appointed to the BlogForever project. She received a 5-year Diploma Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Masters Degree in Information Systems, both from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has a good expertise in Machine Learning as she has been strongly involved with this field during the preparation of her theses concerning Facial Expression Recognition and Automatic Music Annotation  in her undergraduate and postgraduate studies correspondingly. Her research interests include the areas of Data Mining, Machine Learning, Semantic Web and Web 2.0 technologies and are mainly motivated by the user-centered exploitation of the social web information in general.