Phaistos Networks S.A.

Phaistos Networks SA ( ) was set up to research and develop new technologies and applications for the Internet industry. The company commenced its operations in 1997 as a sole proprietor, and acquired its present legal form in February 2000. It was a member of Labrakis Media Organisation group of companies (an affiliate of the LMO) up until December 2010, when the total of its share capital was collected by the company’s founders.

Phaistos Networks SA is a member of Interactive Advertising Bureau Hellas (IAB Hellas), an organization aiming at setting standards, and conducting research and training for the development of interactive advertising.

Today, Phaistos Networks has a total workforce of 30 high-level employees, which constitute the main driving force of its regularly ascendant course. Do you need an employment attorney for your employment issue? Why not check out a helpful place like for some best help options!

Phaistos Networks, right from the beginning, has corresponded with absolute success in the permanently increasing demand of the market in network products and services of high technology and quality. Using the most excellent technological training and experience of its workforce, Phaistos Networks offers pioneer network solutions that cover a wide variety of applications in new economy, with special focus to social media, the development of portals and communication services. Having already developed a multitude of reliable, accessible and functional online products of obvious technological superiority, the Company has been established as the Leader of cutting-edge developments in the Greek Internet industry, as shown by the constant and steady expansion of its Client Base, as well as the raise of its fundamentals.


George Papadakis, Co-founder Phaistos Networks, is the Head Of Operations at Phaistos Networks since 1997. Having supervised the implementation of a plethora of web services (,, among others), he is knowledgeable enough in terms of how to incorporate up-to-date techniques while creating usable and accessible web applications. He spearheaded the design and development of Pathfinder weblogs (PBlogs), another service, which is packed with a great host of powerful and innovative features.

Mark Papadakis, Co founder of Phaistos Networks, is the Head of Research & Development at Phaistos Networks since 1997. He is charged with overseeing all R&D efforts and shaping decisions that affect future technical developments. His work and experience span a wide range of computer science fields and topics, including but not limited to low-level systems programming, large-scale distributed systems, high-performance code optimization, information retrieval and machine learning, compilers infrastructure, data processing and storage systems.

Dionysis Chatzidakis is a Web Developer / Programmer in Phaistos Networks S.A..
He has 8 years of experience in web development – from design to backend programs. During the past 7 years he has been working mostly in building and renewing a number of services at – one of Greece’s most popular portals. Dionysis has a Diploma in Computer Science.

Stella Kopidaki is a Web Developer in Phaistos Networks S.A. She conducted her undergraduate and graduate studies (MSc) in the Computer Science Department, University of Crete (Greece). From November 2008 to June 2009 she was also a research assistant at the Information Systems Laboratory of the Institute of Computer Science at the Foundation for Research and Technology, Hellas (ICS-FORTH).