Software Research and Development and Consultancy Ltd., Turkey

SRDC Ltd. ( is the spin-off SME of the Software Research and Development Center of the Middle East Technical University, located in the METU‟s Techno Park. Expertise areas include Interoperability and Conformance Testing, Semantic Web (Ontologies, Reasoner, Semantic Web Services), Semantic Interoperability, eBusiness and eHealth, Security and Privacy Infrastructures. The company is providing consultancy to the Ministry of Health in Turkey for the National Health Information System (NHIS), Turkey and provided consultancy to the Revenue Administration of Turkey for the development of the eInvoicing Profile of Turkey. SRDC Team is very active in R&D activities in Service Oriented Architectures and Semantic Interoperability solutions.

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The team coordinated the following projects in these domains: IST-002104 SATINE: Semantic-based Interoperability Infrastructure for Integrating Web Service Platforms to Peer-to-Peer Networks, IST-002103 Artemis: A Semantic Web Service-based P2P Infrastructure for the Interoperability of Medical Information Systems, IST-027074-SAPHIRE: Intelligent Healthcare Monitoring based on Semantic Interoperability Platform, IST-027065-RIDE: A Roadmap for Interoperability of eHealth Systems in Support of COM 356 with Special Emphasis on Semantic Interoperability and IST-213031-iSURF: An Interoperability Service Utility for Collaborative Supply Chain Planning across Multiple Domains Supported by RFID Devices.


Prof. Dr. Asuman Dogac is the general manager of the SRDC. Her expertise includes Internet Computing, semantic Web, agent technology, interoperability, e-Business, and eHealth. She has been consulting the industry and government organizations. Prof. Dr. Dogac has successfully coordinated several European Commission supported projects, including, INCO-DC 97 2496 MARIFlow, IST-2000-26429 HERMES, IST-1-002104-STP SATINE, IST-1-002103-ST, Artemis, IST-027074-SAPHIRE, IST-027065-RIDE and IST-213031- iSURF. In 2004, Prof. Dr. Dogac received IBM (USA) Faculty award. She is also the recipient of several local awards: 1991 Mustafa Parlar Research Award, 1994 Husamettin Tugac Research Award, 1999 METU Achievement Award, 2000 METU Tarik Somer Superior Achievement award, 2000 Mustafa Parlar Science award and 2001 Tarik Somer award. She has published more than 100 papers in refereed international conferences and journals including the Communications of the ACM, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine, Information Systems Journal (Elsevier), Journal of Parallel and Distributed Databases and the ACM Computing Surveys. Prof. Dr. Asuman Dogac will mentor SRDC Team in BlogForever project, especially for in the management of the third case study of BlogForever in Tasks 5.1 and 5.2.

Dr. Gokce Banu Laleci Enturkmen, PhD, Senior Computer Engineer: Gokce B. Laleci has obtained her PhD in 2008 from the Computer Eng. Dept. of METU. She has been working as a software engineer for research and industrial projects in eBusiness and eHealth domains since 2000. She has designed and developed service oriented middleware solutions for tourism domain, peer-to-peer semantic resource discovery mechanisms for eHealth and tourism domain, a semantic middleware for developing multi-agent based systems, clinical decision support systems for remote healthcare monitoring. Furthermore, she has worked on several IST and ICT projects, IST-1-002103-STP Artemis, IST-027074-STP SAPHIRE, ICT- 213031 iSURF and ICT-231527 IKS. Dr. Gokce Banu Laleci Erturkmen will coordinate BlogForever activities in SRDC.

Senan Postaci, Computer Engineer: Senan Postaci graduated from the Computer Engineering Department of METU in 2010. He has been working as a software developer since 2008. He took place in the design and implementation process of the two products, eDoCreator and eSaglikKaydim, of SRDC. He will be actively involved in the specification and implementation of weblogs case study in Tasks 5.1 and 5.2, specification of user requirements in UML (Task 4.1), design and implementation of Digital Repository Component based on CDS Invenio (Task 4.4 and Task 4.5), and Integration of BlogForever components (Task 4.6).