WP6 Dissemination & exploitation

The main aim of Work Package 6 was the dissemination and exploitation of project results. This was elaborated into the following objectives:

  • create awareness about the project’s results and encourage trial involvement in it,
  • participate in events of high publicity and added value that will reach the scientific community and ensure thorough peer review,
  • produce documentation and dissemination material oriented to potential up-takers and users of the project results,
  • ensure that the project’s methods, technologies and outputs are adopted by industry,
  • design and plan the deployment of commercial products.

WP6 was led by Tero Ltd.

The deliverables of WP6 were:

  • D6.1 Knowledge Portal , 2011/03/30,
  • D6.2.1 Dissemination Plan (first version). 2011/08/31,
  • D6.2.2 Dissemination Plan (second version), 2012/02/29,
  • D6.3 Market Analysis, 2012/06/30,
  • D6.4 Business Model, 2013/01/31,
  • D6.5 Business Exploitation Plan, 2013/08/31,
  • D6.6 Final Report on Dissemination Activities, 2013/08/31.